An app for that

The attention economy is an arbitrary historically specific paradigm rather than the only possible way to organize our transactions given the recent technological progress, but it tends to be perceived that way. Like the inevitable air we breathe. [READ MORE]

Who is this product everybody talks about?

If you are not paying for the product, you are the product. This is a snappy rule of thumb, but it can be misleading since the opposite is not true. That is; If you are paying for the product, you may still also be the product. E.g. Netflix, Spotify etc. [READ MORE]

Mom & Pop Stores

I have started to collect unique shops and coffee shops. Those that have not been replaced by some big franchise or chain store. They should not be allowed to spread unrestrained. Just leave the small local businesses alone. I don't really want to get active politically right now, but I have decided to spend more time on these places. Because I'm worth it. [READ MORE]