An app for that

The attention economy is an arbitrary historically specific paradigm rather than the only possible way to organize our transactions given the recent technological progress, but it tends to be perceived that way. Like the inevitable air we breathe.

For every human that is connected to others through an app there is a business opportunity. You can get information regarding what kind of unnecessary consumption it can be lured into and above all: What places and times this person will the be most vulnerable and what price will appeal to them at that very moment (i.e. price discrimination).


Since the global technological corporations feeds from attention that generates individually customized ads and prices, they can take on political views superficially without really being affected by them. Be it globalism, local patriotism, transgender activism, national socialism or feminism. They make money off of all these movements. Involvement. Their platforms becomes the obvious chessboard where these battles are fought, but they are not threatened by whats happening on the board since they are not playing it. They are the chessboard. They have largely succeeded with the magic trick of making themselves invisible. As long as no one questions the chessboard itself and the necessity of living life through these platforms they will be fine.


Another way to use the new technology is by building decentralized platforms where data is not collected centrally to create ads or manipulate elections but is owned by the users themselves. There are some promising commercial projects with that aim (e.g. Safe Network, Blockstack and Elastos). We also need structural political change to make this possible on a larger scale. To build infrastructure that we own and control together. We cannot rely on individual consumer power alone. Please involve yourself in a local political party or association. Questionmark + questionmark = political change.


Wed, 30 Oct 2019

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